Easy-to-use Control Panel

If you have a web hosting account, you know that you will spend most of your time in your admin control panel. That is why most webmasters check for control panels that they are comfortable with. iPage features a user-friendly control panel that makes it one of the top hosting choices.

What is a Control Panel?

The term “control panel” has a different meaning in the world of web hosting. It specifically refers to the admin control panel through which a user or account owner is able to manage all aspects of his web hosting account. It acts much like a cockpit through which the pilot user can control the website and all related operations. The following are some of the things you can do with your admin control panel:

  • Manage your domain names (including add-on domains)
  • Create databases and manage their records, fields, and tables
  • Use the FTP client to upload, move, create and manage files
  • Create email accounts (associated with your domain) and manage them
  • Access all essential web hosting functions like, Website Builder, Scripts and Applications Installer

There are various control panels available to users with unique functions and interfaces. Web users prefer control panels that are easy to use and can be learned without much effort.

What is iPage?

iPage is a leading web hosting provider that offers affordable yet quality hosting services. It has an excellent uptime record and offers unlimited bandwidth and storage, free domain name, free website builders and other add-on services. It also features an easy-to-use control panel.

iPage Control Panel

If you registered with iPage in the past, you might have experienced using their old control panel – the cPanel admin control panel. This is used to be one of the most widely used control panels among web hosts. Later on, iPage decided to switch to vDeck control panel with a view to improving their users’ web hosting experience. And so far, they made the right decision.

vDeck Control Panel

vDeck is a new and innovative admin control panel that allows the easy management of web hosting accounts. It’s one of the fastest rising control panels in the market which convinced iPage to replace its old cPanel with vDeck control panel. vDeck is distinct from all other control panels because of its simplicity. Right after you login to your iPage hosting account, you’ll be presented with a page that contains large icons of web managements neatly arranged and categorized.

vDeck has a user-friendly interface complete with all the web management tools you’ll need just a click away. These web management tools are organized into different categories like Website, Domains, Databases, and Scripts. This helps users find the tool or option they need faster. It also features a sidebar which users can customize to fit in a list of shortcuts to his most commonly used tools in the control panel.

From the vDeck Control Panel, you can access two important features unique to iPage: the DomainCentral and SimpleScripts.

  • DomainCentral – DomainCentral is a one-stop domain management tool which lets you manage multiple domains, not only those registered with iPage but also those with other registrars. You can easily perform all domain functions here like domain locking, transfer and renewal. iPage also offers domain privacy options for those who want to keep their domain registry information from public access.
  • SimpleScripts – iPage lets you embed scripts and integrate applications to your website to come up with dynamic and high-quality web content. You can choose from hundreds of scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, Drupal, Shopping Carts, Photo Galleries and more, and add them to your website in just one click – thanks to iPage’s SimpleScripts.

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