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iPage Uptime Records

Quality and reliable web hosting is what everybody expects from their web host. Plus factors like affordable price and loads of features will all go to waste if you have a slow and unreliable web server. All your investments will go down the drain if your website always experiences long downtime. Here, let’s try to see how iPage performs as far as uptime is concerned.

What is downtime and uptime?

Downtime refers to the amount of time during which a website is “down” or not accessible on the internet. This usually occurs due to a web server failure and your site visitors will be prompted with an “Error 404 – Page not found” prompt. And you wouldn’t want that to happen to your site. An uptime on the other hand refers to the period during which your website is up and running. The uptime of a server tells you much about a web host’s reliability.

Uptime is measured in terms of percentage. A 99% uptime record means that a site or server is active 99% of the time and was down for only 1% of its lifetime on the web. Hence, an uptime percentage is a record of both the uptime and downtime of a website or web server. Few people realize how important uptime is. A 0.01% difference in uptime can spell the difference between a loss and a profit. Let me help you understand this through an illustration.

Let us take for an example a server with 99% uptime record. This means that it has a downtime of 1%. In a week, 1% downtime is actually equivalent to 1 hr, 48 mins and 48 secs. In one year that is equivalent to 87.6 hours or more than three days of downtime. You can simply imagine how much profit you will lose if your website is down for more than three days in one year. Again let us take as an example a website which earns an average of $1000 per month and with a 99% uptime record. Its 1% downtime translates to $10 loss per month and $120 per year. On the other hand, if the same site’s uptime drops to $98, it will experience $20 loss per month or $240 in one year. Here, you can see how much a 1% difference can make on your site’s profits. Aside from this, your site visitors can give you poor feedbacks or even complaints which can result in more losses to your business.

Guaranteed uptime vs Actual uptime

A lot of people are attracted by “guaranteed uptime” offers by a lot of web hosting providers. And most of them have a fixed 99.99% guaranteed uptime. But these guarantees are nothing more but empty promises or copy-and-paste statistics web hosts came up to match their fellow competitors. They are just myths which should not be the basis of your web host choice. A downtime is inevitable. All that a web host can do is damage control through server backups and site backup and recovery. Actual uptime is what you should check.

iPage’s uptime

You can find websites that perform free uptime monitoring of other sites and web servers. Based on these websites, iPage has a recorded average uptime of 99.96%. This record is quite impressive that is why iPage is given an “Excellent” rating. iPage’s weakest uptime is at 97.94% recorded in June 2010. Since then, iPage has been consistently delivering quality web hosting service. It only experienced one power outage lasting only 14 minutes which took place in August 2011. This excellent record is a testament to how reliable iPage is as a web host and which is reflected in the positive feedbacks it receives from website owners.

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