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The internet lets you share anything to the public, from lively pictures and videos down to small vivid ideas. That is why many spend hours immersed in social networking sites. Others turn to blog sites where they can express their thoughts freely through meaningful blogs. Let us see whether iPage lets you do the same thing.

Blogs or Weblogs

Some websites allow you to create “weblogs” (web + log), more commonly known as blogs, that displays posts or entries that are updated regularly. You can find several blogs on the internet which work like personal diaries made open to the public, although others are kept private and limited to certain individuals/users. Posts can be easily created and published for followers to read. Followers or even strangers, depending on the blog’s configuration, can also post comments, participate in polls and give ratings to each post.

Some blogs are also used for commercial purposes. Since blog sites offer their services for free, others take advantage of blogs to promote or advertise products and get commissions for referrals. Some blog sites also have built-in monetizing mechanisms like Google Adsense that lets you earn money depending on the traffic and amount of ad clicks your site registers.

Blog Hosting

Blog Hosting is actually the same as web hosting; only that it is limited to storing and managing blogs on their servers. Some do it for free while others require a certain fee. Free blog hosting sites like Blogger and WordPress allow you to create your own blog site without spending a single penny. However, their services are limited and traffic can get a little slow. On the other hand, commercial blog hosting sites let you own a blog site with unlimited storage and bandwidth, and some ancillary services in exchange for a fee. Some web hosting providers also provide blog hosting by letting you install and use third-party blogging software on your website. This way, you can have your own blog combined with other applications and services provided by your web host. iPage is one such web host.

iPage Hosting

iPage is a leading web hosting provider that offers affordable yet quality hosting services. It has an excellent uptime record and offers unlimited bandwidth and storage, free domain name, a free website builder and other add-on services. It also allows you to integrate blogging software on your website in just a few clicks. Thanks to its SimpleScripts web applications installer.

iPage Blogging with WordPress

As mentioned, you can install a blogging software on your website for free. iPage features one of the most popular web blogging platforms today – WordPress. WordPress has a massive network of followers and aficionados which made it the widely used blogging platform to date. It was created by a community of web programmers who intended to provide an easy way to set up and create weblogs. WordPress later on transformed from a regular blogging platform to a fully-functional Content Management System able to support more dynamic web contents like audio, video and flash plugins. Its WYSIWIG editor also allows users to develop blogs without undergoing complex HTML trainings and scripting tutorials. You only need to choose for a number of pre-designed themes and experiment with various web elements.

iPage works perfectly with WordPress because of its one-click script installer. You can easily install WordPress and have it running in a few minutes with these few simple steps:

  • Login to your iPage hosting account.
  • Go to the admin control panel and open the SimpleScripts icon.
  • Select “Blogs” from the options in the header.
  • Next, select “WordPress” from the side panel.
  • Click “Begin Installation” and follow the instructions.

iPage also offers other blogging platforms such as B2Evolution and PixelPost. Choose which one best suits your taste and use the same iPage one-click installer feature.

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