iPage Domain Registration

If you want your own website that means you should also get your own domain. Getting a domain is quite tricky. First, you have to find the best domain registrar and scout for the best deals to get affordable domains. And once you find your domain registrar, you still have to learn how to use their domain management tool and its various functions. With iPage, you need not worry about where to get and how to use your fist domain.

What is a Domain?

Domain names or simply domain is the name of your website. They are the ones entered in a web browser’s address bar to access your website like http://www.ipage.com. If you plan to create your own site, you need to first think of its name, just like naming your baby before he/she is born. Any name will do as long as it’s connected or in some way tells something about your website. Now here’s the hard part, registering your baby’s name. Unlike registration of birth records, domain name registration works on a first come, first served policy. Once a domain is registered, no one can use the exact same domain name. You will be left with the option of either slightly changing your domain name (probably adding, removing or replacing a word or letter) or using a different domain extension or TLD (top-level domain). These domain extensions are .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, and many others, including local domain extensions like .au, .ca, .ph, etc. Other free web hosting sites will let you choose a subdomain and affix it to their main domain which is shared by all account owners. Your site’s domain will look something like this: www.yoursubdomain.site’sdomain.com. This is quite long and hard to remember that is why most people choose to register their own domain instead.

iPage Domain Registration

iPage has its own domain registrar and allows registration of new domains. The best thing about iPage is that you will get to choose and own a domain for your website free upon registration. The free domain registration will last for one year after which you will have to renew its registration and pay renewal costs or just register a new one. You can save a lot with this iPage giveaway since purchasing domains can get quite costly. A domain’s price can range from $9 to thousands of dollars depending on its length and popularity. And even if you have the bucks, you cannot be sure you’ll get your desired domain name. A short and popular domain will most likely be reserved by the domain registrar for auction. A minimum bid offer will be set with hundreds of bidders participating. You don’t need to experience all this because iPage offers you your very own domain name free for the first year.

You can choose and register your own domain name with iPage upon signing up with them. The first step of iPage registration is selecting your domain name where you can either create a new domain name or use an existing domain name.

iPage Renewal and Domain Costs

As mentioned, the free domain cost is only for the first year after which you need to renew it or create a new one. You can renew your domain name through iPage’s Domain Central. You can find the “Renew” button next to each domain as well as the expiry date. If you choose to renew your domain, you will have to pay the domain’s regular cost. Its price will again depend on the TLD or domain extension used. A .com extension has a registration price of $14.99 per year while a .net extension costs $9.99 per year with a minimum term of one year. You can see a full listing of iPage’s domain pricing here: http://www.ipage.com/product/domainRegistration.bml.

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