iPage Hosting Plan Features Overview

iPage is not only about affordable hosting. It also has tons of features for you to explore. Whether your site is for personal, professional or business purposes, you will find all you need in this trusted web hosting provider.

iPage Hosting Features

For iPage’s Essential Hosting plan, you will get a complete hosting package loaded with all applications and services necessary to publish a fully functional website. Here is an overview of some of the important features you can get exclusively from iPage.

  • Unlimited Storage, Bandwidth and Databases. Some web hosts will charge you at least $3 per month for a web hosting service that provides a few Gigabytes of storage space and bandwidth service. On the other hand, for as low as $1.99 a month (for the first three months) iPage will give you unlimited disk storage and bandwidth. This means no limit, cap or whatever on your site’s content and traffic. iPage also provides unlimited MySQL databases which means you can keep an unlimited amount database tables and records to keep your client or user’s account information.
  • Free Marketing Tools & Advertising Credits. When you sign up with iPage, you will automatically get $175 worth of credits in marketing advertising from all major search engines like Google and Yahoo! See your website rise through SEO rankings and get featured more frequently in search hits.
  • iPage Website Builder. iPage uses one of the best website builders available called Weebly Drag & Drop Site Builder. Weebly is actually a free hosting provider with an exceptional website development tool. Because of this, its website builder was made proprietary by providing select web hosts a license for its users to enjoy the Weebly tool experience. Fortunately, iPage is one of them. With Weebly, you can create professionally-looking websites in minutes without the complexities of HTML coding and scripting.
  • vDeck Control Panel. vDeck is a new and innovative admin control panel that allows the easy management of web hosting accounts. It’s one of the fastest rising control panels in the market which convinced iPage to improve its services by replacing its old cPanel control panel with vDeck. It has a user-friendly interface complete with all the web management tools you’ll need just a click away.

From the vDeck Control Panel, you can also access two important features unique to iPage: the DomainCentral and SimpleScripts.

  • DomainCentral – DomainCentral is a one-stop domain management tool which lets you manage multiple domains, not only those registered with iPage but also those with other registrars. You can easily perform all domain functions here like domain locking, transfer and renewal. iPage also offers domain privacy options for those who want to keep their domain registry information from public access.
  • SimpleScripts – iPage lets you embed scripts and integrate applications to your website to come up with dynamic and high-quality web content. You can choose from hundreds of scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, Drupal, Shopping Carts, Photo Galleries and more, and add them to your website in just one click – thanks to iPage’s SimpleScripts.
  • Good Customer Support. iPage also gets positive feedbacks from users due to its reliable customer support. If you encounter problems, a team of Native Americans can answer your queries with a hold time averaging only two minutes. iPage makes sure its users enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free web hosting experience.
  • Money-back Guarantee. iPage lets you recover what you pay if you are not satisfied with their service through its 30-day Money-back Guarantee. You may at any time within 30 days from purchase choose to cancel their service and get a full refund of your hosting expenses. This however excludes miscellaneous costs like domain registration and fees for additional services purchased within 30 days. In addition, not many know that the 30-day money back guarantee only applies if you purchased your iPage hosting account via credit card payment. Hence, those who paid with PayPal or through other payment methods will not be able to benefit from this service. All these terms are stated in the iPage User Agreement so be sure to check them out first.

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