iPage Instant Rebate

What is iPage?

A veteran web hosting provider, iPage has been delivering quality web hosting service since 1998 and has already helped in putting up millions of websites. You can find it on most web hosting review sites with high ratings and usually taking the top spot of the list of best web hosts. It features the following essential services: unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, a free domain name for the first year, unlimited email accounts and MySQL databases, free advertising credits, free website builder, the vDeck control panel, a one-click application installer, and tons of other add-on services.

Instant Rebate

Technically speaking, iPage does not provide rebates on your purchases. What they have are special discounts and offers which can save you more money than ordinary rebates. Check out these features to save more on your next iPage purchase.

iPage Discounts and Promo Codes

To save on your iPage purchases, you can use coupon codes and discount links. These two will let you purchase iPage hosting services at a discount. They actually work the same way and can be found in online, mostly in web hosting review websites that feature iPage products. They are usually placed at the bottom of review posts so you can use them after reading an iPage review or iPage guide. Coupon codes appear in the form of a picture or image (usually with a coupon and scissor sketch). When clicked, these coupon codes will forward you to what iPage calls a “secret page” that lets you sign up with iPage on a reduced price. The discount you can get with coupon codes can range from 30% to as much as 75% off of the regular iPage hosting price. Coupon codes have limits and may expire after a few days or weeks, so it’s best to use them immediately once you spot them. It’s not that hard to find coupon codes. All you need is a search engine and the keywords “iPage coupon codes”. The only problem is that some of them may have already expired or were already used. To help you save time in finding them, I will give you some URLs of websites that regularly provide iPage coupon codes: www.ipagereview.org, www.ipagepromocode.com and www.retailmenot.com.

Discount links are similar to coupon codes, but instead fancy images of a coupon and a scissor, you will only be a given a hyperlink that states how much you can save if you use it. If you click on them, you will also be sent to iPage’s secret page for discounting. Discount links are usually added by iPage affiliates who write reviews about iPage on their websites. They were given discount privileges by iPage which they can share with their site visitors and followers.

Finally, coupon codes and discount links will not affect your iPage hosting account’s status. You will still get all the services which iPage normally provide to their users who did not use coupon codes and discount links. Hence, there are no drawbacks or side effects that you should worry about.

iPage Money-back Guarantee

iPage lets you recover what you pay if you are not satisfied with their service through its 30-day Money-back Guarantee. You may at any time within 30 days from purchase choose to cancel their service and get a full refund of your hosting expenses. This however excludes miscellaneous costs like domain registration and fees for additional services purchased within 30 days. In addition, not many know that the 30-day money back guarantee only applies if you purchased your iPage hosting account via credit card payment. Hence, those who paid with PayPal or through other payment methods will not be able to benefit from this service. All these terms are stated in the iPage User Agreement so be sure to check them out first.

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