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It cannot be denied that Apple products are the most preferred gadgets nowadays. iPhone and iPad products were sold out on the first day they were released and there is still an increasing demand for them years after. These gadgets are mostly used for mobile internet that is why websites are also finding ways to develop mobile versions of their web pages to work on these platforms. That is why a question is also constantly raised on whether these products also support iPage.

iPage Hosting

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iPage on iPhone and iPad

First of all, we need to clarify that iPage is not in any way affiliated with Apple and its products. The “i” prefix does not make iPage another creation of Apple. Because more and more users sign up with iPage, and Apple product supporters also grow in number, many ask, “Does iPhone and iPad support iPage?” Well this is actually a vague question since it could mean one of two things. It could refer to the question of whether iPhone and iPad can view and use iPage-hosted sites. Or it could also refer to the question of whether you can login to your iPage account and manage your website using these Apple products. The answers vary.

  • Browsing iPage-hosted sites – The answer here is an obvious yes. iPhone and iPad both have smartphone browsers which can surf the net and display web pages – only that they are in mobile version. iPage-hosted sites can also display in mobile version, its configurations will however depend on the user and the platform he’ll used. There is no problem with that site being hosted by iPage since iPage is not OS-specific, whether it is Mac, Windows or iOS.
  • Using your iPage hosting account – Unfortunately, you cannot login to your iPage account and use its control panel in iPhone or iPad. This is because iPage has no mobile version for its control panels and other applications integrated with it. iPage’s admin control panels and its functions were designed to work on computers and normal web browsers. Its applications and plugins also need resources which an iPhone or iPad cannot provide. Take for instance its website builder, the Weebly Drag & Drop Site Builder. You cannot use this feature on iPhone or iPad since it is actually an application that is not compatible with iOS. The same also goes for iPage’s SimpleScripts installer. You will not be able to perform installations of scripts with the limited resources of an iOS.

iPage and Mac OS

On the other hand, iPage has no issues with Mac OS, whether it’s for browsing iPage-hosted sites or using all iPage functions. As mentioned, iPage is not OS-specific and will work on Windows or Mac Operating Systems. Compatibility issues can only arise in the use of iPage’s website builders: Weebly Drag and Drop, and SiteDelux. The Operating System must be compatible with these tools for you to be able to use it. Just observe these OS specifications to make them work:

  • For Windows – Windows 2000 or higher
  • For Mac OS – OSX 10.4 or higher

For both operating systems, make sure that you have the latest web browser.

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  1. Can not set up my email on my iphone6.

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