iPage PHP Info (Configuration/Settings/Version)

PHP is a topic more suited for experienced webmasters or those with background in web programming. Its necessity will also depend on the type of website you intend to create, whether it requires databases or is just a simple HTML web page. Knowing the basics is PHP is not a requirement for creating websites, but it can be an essential tool if you know how to use one.

PHP Basics

PHP is an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor, a kind of scripting language that is intended for creating dynamic websites. It is open source and can be used by anyone for free. No licensing is required. This scripting language is also server-side. This means that it runs scripts and executes commands on the web server which sits on a remote computer. PHP is widely used nowadays because it is compatible with 99% of all web browsers and database management systems (DBMS). PHP is mainly used as an interface to access and control MySQL databases.

As a scripting language, PHP works by embedding scripts on an HTML. HTML is the fundamental framework of web pages and consists of codes which are read and interpreted by web browsers. PHP is inserted in these codes for browsers to process. You can identify and differentiate them from HTML codes because they are enclosed in PHP tags – , while HTML codes have the following starting and ending tags –and. These symbols tell the browser when to start or stop interpreting codes. Because of its structure, PHP can work simultaneously with HTML codes.

What is iPage?

A veteran web hosting provider, iPage has been delivering quality web hosting service since 1998 and has already helped in putting up millions of websites. You can find it on most web hosting review sites with high ratings and usually taking the top spot of the list of best web hosts. It features the following essential services: unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, a free domain name for the first year, unlimited email accounts and MySQL databases, free advertising credits, free website builder, the vDeck control panel, a one-click application installer, and tons of other add-on services.

PHP on iPage

iPage is popular when it comes to database hosting. It is known as an excellent database host because of its reliable web servers. iPage uses Dell servers, top of the class processors which can handle massive volumes of data. It also has good PHP support since it allows its hosting account owners to use both PHP 4 and PHP 5 versions on their websites. If your site is constructed with PHP 4, you normally have to migrate the codes to PHP 5 in order to avoid what is called “backward incompatibility”. You can do this by following some guides online on switching from PHP 4 to 5. Since iPage supports both versions, there is no longer any need to address these compatibility issues. Users can safely switch between the two versions or even use them simultaneously without any adverse effects.

Configuring PHP

In iPage, PHP configurations are done through the php.ini file. To configure PHP on your hosting account, just follow these simple steps:

  • Login to your iPage account.
  • Go to your vDeck Control Panel
  • Open “Scripting and Add-ons”
  • Click on the “CGI and Scripting Langugage Support” tab and open “PHP Scripting”.
  • On the next page you will see the settings for your PHP. You can now select the PHP version you want to use on your php.ini. Just select the version you want under the “Select Default PHP version” option and click “Set”.

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