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If you are a website owner, especially if your site is for eCommerce, the first thing that you will need is traffic. I’m not talking about cars and roads. I’m talking about site traffic, meaning the volume of visits on your website. And it takes a lot of effort to achieve good traffic on your website.

How web users can reach you

There are many ways for people to access your website. First, we have the direct traffic or those which access your site by directly typing in your web address or domain in their web browsers. Second, we have referral traffic or those who visit your site by clicking on links found on other websites. These links are often called backlinks and they automatically forward users to your website when clicked. Finally, we have organic traffic or those which find your website through search engines. This is the most important and effective way for people to reach your site since all you need is a keyword that is related to your website’s contents. It is the largest source of site traffic so it is important to get search engines to recognize your website. Therefore, you will need SEO.

SEO Basics

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and it is used to refer to a process that allows websites to increase traffic or site visits by improving their rankings in major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! Hence, the term search engine optimization – you will try to optimize your site’s presence so search engines will recognize them and suggest them more often. Try using a search engine and enter any keyword. After a while, the search engine will display a very long list of search results. This list can reach up to a thousand or more depending on the popularity of the keyword. If you have a poor SEO ranking, your site that contains the keyword searched will be positioned at the bottom of the search list. And most of the time, search engine users will not bother checking out search hits above 5 or 10. This is why it is important to place your website at the top of these search engine results so users can easily see and access your site. High SEO ranking is the key to good internet traffic.

SEO Services with iPage

Luckily, iPage also provides SEO services to its users, although at a price. iPage’s regular SEO services cost $150 per month. However, iPage is on sale right now and offers 30% discount on SEO services. So from $150 per month, you only need to pay $99 per month for SEO support. iPage offers a complete SEO package that includes web content writing, linking your website with thousands of URLs, as well as monthly reporting. Professional SEO specialists and copyrighters are hired to publish high quality and original web content that will effectively boost your SEO ranking. You’ll find your site on the top spot of search engines in just a few weeks. This iPage SEO service supports most major search engines like Alta Vista, AOL, All The Web, About, Google, Hot Bot, Excite, Looksmart, Lycos, MSN, Netscape and Yahoo [web pages only].

When you purchase iPage’s SEO services, you need to take note that you are effectively authorizing iPage to access and use all your files stored in your iPage directory. Because of this, iPage will get FTP access to these files and databases even without your prior consent. It also serves as a waiver on your part of all your trademark rights specifically your logo, ideas and site contents such as images, audios or videos. iPage SEO specialists need full leeway to implement all actions for SEO purposes.

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