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Blogging platforms are now widely used, whether it’s for personal or commercial purposes. It’s easier to create fully-functional sites using free blogging platforms instead of conventional web development applications. Using these tools, even novices can create their own blog sites without learning basic HTML programming.

WordPress Blogging Platform

WordPress is a phenomenal blogging platform that is widely used today. It has a massive network of users and affiliates, and has produced millions of blog sites with quality content. Most websites you will see today are actually designed with WordPress blogging platform. WordPress is an open source application so it can be downloaded and installed for free, no license fees required.

WordPress was started by a group of programmers who want to offer web writers an easy and ideal way to create and publish their blogs. From a conventional blogging platform, WordPress later on developed into a full-fledged content management system. From simple texts and images, WordPress can now provide dynamic web contents like videos and plugins. It now allows you to modify, edit and manage all the elements contained in your website with least effort. Its WYSIWIG editor also allows users to develop blogs without undergoing complex HTML trainings and scripting tutorials. You only need to choose for a number of pre-designed themes and experiment with various web elements. WordPress is adored by most users because of its wide array of templates and web designs. Unlike other blog hosts that share similar site features or frameworks, you will find it hard to distinguish a WordPress blog site from another because of the vast difference in template designs.

WordPress is easy to setup and configure. It will take only a few minutes before you’ll be able to publish your first blog using WordPress. Sharing your blog site is also made easier because WordPress helps you connect with most social networking sites today like Facebook, twitter, and Google plus. You can add their features on your blog without need of HTML or Javascript modifications. WordPress is also SEO-friendly and blogs designed with WordPress get high rankings in most search engines.

iPage Hosting

iPage is a leading web hosting provider that offers affordable yet quality hosting services. It has an excellent uptime record and offers unlimited bandwidth and storage, free domain name, a free website builder and other add-on services. It also allows you to integrate blogging software on your website in just a few clicks. Thanks to its SimpleScripts web applications installer.

WordPress on iPage

WordPress is available on iPage, so you need not worry about manually transferring your WordPress-created blog site to iPage. All the features provided by WordPress can also be enjoyed in your iPage-hosted sites so there is no need to worry about losing your followers.

iPage works perfectly with WordPress because of its one-click script installer. You can easily install WordPress and have it running in a few minutes with these few simple steps:

  • Login to your iPage hosting account.
  • Go to the admin control panel and open the SimpleScripts icon.
  • Select “Blogs” from the options in the header.
  • Next, select “WordPress” from the side panel.
  • Click “Begin Installation” and follow the instructions.
  • Before, iPage uses InstallCentral to add applications and scripts. Anyway, the instructions are just the same or at least similar than the one given above. If WordPress still does not appear on your iPage-hosted site (which is experienced by some users), try deleting the “Home.html” file in your WordPress directory. You can find this directory using iPage’s File Manager.

iPage also offers other blogging platforms such as B2Evolution and PixelPost. Choose which one best suits your taste and use the same iPage one-click installer feature.

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  1. great job there but i’ll appreciate if you guys can upload a video that show a step-by-step way of building a word press website with i page.
    hoping to hear from you soon

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