Run A Photo Gallery On iPage

Are you amazed or envious about websites with stunning photos neatly arranged in a gallery where users can browse them smoothly? This may look a bit difficult or hard to set up. But the truth is, all you need to do is install a script or application on your hosting account to have your very own photo gallery. Let me show you how to do it on iPage.

What is iPage?

A veteran web hosting provider, iPage has been delivering quality web hosting service since 1998 and has already helped in putting up millions of websites. You can find it on most web hosting review sites with high ratings and usually taking the top spot of the list of best web hosts. It features the following essential services: unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, a free domain name for the first year, unlimited email accounts and MySQL databases, free advertising credits, free website builder, the vDeck control panel, a one-click application installer, and tons of other add-on services.

Photo Galleries

Photo galleries are actually made using photo-blogging applications. Setting up your photos is as easy as uploading your profile pic on your account. No coding or unnecessary scripting is needed – just your photos and your photo gallery application. You can easily install a photo gallery application on iPage, thanks to its SimpleScripts one-click installer. All it takes is just one click and a few minutes for the installation to complete. Just follow these instructions:

  • Login to your iPage account.
  • Go to your vDeck Control Panel.
  • Open the “Scripting and Add-ons” option. This will take you to a page where it states that iPage will no longer be using InstallCentral. Look at the bottom of the page and click the “Continue to SimpleScripts” button.
  • You will now see a page containing a list of all your installed applications and those available for installation. Look for the “Scripts List” header and under that find the “Gallery” category. Now you can see the available Photo Galleries on iPage such as Coppermine, PixelPhoto and ZenPhoto. Click on the photo gallery you wish to use and click “Install”.
  • You will then be sent to another page where you need to set up your Photo Gallery’s options including the install directory. Once done, click the “Complete” button. The installation will now start. The installation will take a few minutes depending on the size of application you selected.

Available Photo Galleries on iPage

As mentioned, you have three photo gallery options: Coppermine, PixelPhoto and ZenPhoto. Let me give you a short preview of each application:

  • Coppermine Photo Gallery – this is actually a free web program used for creating picture galleries in a website. It is based on PHP and MySQL so it’s compatible with most web browsers. Some of its features include a large collection of themes, thumbnails, advanced search function, picture upload by users, image rotation, e-card feature, as well as password-protection for albums.
  • PixelPhoto – PixelPhoto is also an open source application designed for photo blogging purposes. It creates a gallery of photos arranged in a chronological order. In addition to the usual photo gallery functions, this application features an Install Assistant to make installation and upgrade much easier, cool Feed options, and a Defensio Spam Blocker.
  • ZenPhoto – This photo is known for its simplistic approach to photo gallery designs. It features all the basic features of a photo gallery without the unneeded superfluity. Some of its features are: , drag-and-drop management of images and albums,image, audio and video support slideshow, highly customizable themes, comments and tags, RSS feeds, and other plugins.

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